Resource Person

Director Of The Program


Dr. Gregory L.F. Chiu

Dr. Chiu obtained his Ph.D. Civil Engineering from Stanford University, USA. Dr. Chiu serving as coordinator of the Offshore Technology and Management (OTM) Program. Dr. Chiu brings extensive industrial experience to the program, having spent the last several years as Managing Director of a private Hong Kong company involved in assessing structural integrity so as to assess and manage structural risks due to manmade and natural disasters, such as explosions, fires, typhoons and earthquakes. Dr. Chiu's primary interest lies in developing and implementing risk assessment and management processes to quantify structural repair and maintenance costs so that facility owners and operators can maximize their return on investment.

Public Services Leaders (Government)


General Boonsrang Niumpradit

General (Retired) Boonsrang finished his military career in 2008 as the 26th Supreme Commander of the Royal Thai Armed Forces (equivalent to the U.S. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff). At the Supreme Command Headquarters, Boonsrang contributed immeasurably to peace, democracy, and education in his native Thailand and in the Pacific Region. With the help of his leadership, a democratic system of government reestablished itself in Thailand after a 2006 coup. He remains actively engaged in Thai society, working to establish a stronger ethical emphasis among Thai youth and to organize forest restoration and reforestation missions.

Entrepreneur Leaders


Dr. Subin Pinkayan

Dr. Subin is currently active in public affairs and company business - both at home and abroad. He was a recipient of the 1991 Personal Service Award in "National and International Prestige" honored by Colorado State University and also a recipient of the 2003 Outstanding Alumni Award in "Social Achievement Award" honored by Asian Institute of Technology Alumni Association of Thailand.


Mr. Sumate Tanthuwanit

Mr. Sumate Tanthuwanit is President at TIPS Co. Ltd., a Managing Director at Thai Prosperity Terminal Co. Ltd., a Managing Director at Sintanachote Co. Ltd., Independent Director at Siam Commercial Bank Public Co. Ltd., Chairman at Thai Shipowners Association, and President at Ngow Hock Group. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Chulalongkorn and a graduate degree from the Asian Institute of Technology.


Dr. Prasert Patramai

Dr. Prasert remarked that AIT alumni are increasingly occupying key positions within Asia and the Pacific. “I am always enthused at the competency of AIT graduates and am very proud to say that my TEAM group has more than 50 AIT graduates,” he said. Dr. Prasert gave AIT credit for his success stating that “This institute (AIT) taught me appropriate knowledge for the development and use of technology for solving the many key problems of Asia.” He remarked that studying at AIT helps a student create regional networks where they can share views as well as experience.

Engineering Leaders


Chaovalit Ekabut

Chaovalit Ekabut, is a new generation executive with versatile experiences in business management and administration. He has been a productive team player at Siam Cement Group since 1982, putting a strategic emphasis on Total Quality Management Plan, which led Thai Paper Co., Ltd. to win the prestigious Deming Prize and the Thailand Quality Award in 2003


Dr. Thongchat Hongladarom

Dr. Thongchat Hongladarom serves as Director and Independent Director for Sahaviriya Steel Industries PCL. He is also a Chairman of its Risk Management Committee. He also has experience as Director for IRPC PCL and PTT Chemical PCL. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Chulalongkorn University, Thailand and a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering from Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand. He also holds a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from Northwestern University, the United States.