About The Program

Who is the program for?

This program, has been designed for individuals who wish to develop the skills to turn ideas into action. Whether you work for a big company or for yourself, whether you’re an engineer or any professional associated with a project, it really doesn’t matter.What matters is that you are interested in the possibilities of creating a positive atmosphere in you or in your team that can lead you to achieve the goal.

How you learn?

This is Not about Text Books and Lectures

If you are having a hard time imagining yourself in a classroom again, keep in mind that the AIT Engineering Leadership Program is designed busy leaders. It is an engaging, interactive experience that draws on the vast perspectives that you and your classmates will bring to the program. Our real-world Case-Method of Learning is not about textbooks and lectures – it’s about learning by doing. By knowing the leadership principles and applying the leadership methods, you’ll put yourself in the role of decision-maker and take on real challenges faced by companies to gain practical hands-on experience. You’ll come away with new knowledge and ideas that are directly applicable to your business and that will have immediate impact.

Create Immediate Impact?

Throughout the program, you will track your learning outcomes and pinpoint specific initiatives to implement. You leave knowing exactly how you will apply your new knowledge and skills, and a self-developed implementation plan to start your impact once back in the office.

What matters is that you are interested in the possibilities that enabling a creative climate can create for you or your company and that you’re interested in learning how to manage innovation.

Why you should take this program ?

>> Develop leadership skills that are needed to successfully manage innovation projects and programs and to fast-track your own career.

>> Acquire practical skills in a wide range of creativity and innovation processes and techniques that can be used in professional and personal life to deliver breakthrough solutions.

>> Gain knowledge and skills for entrepreneurship so that you can harness the creativity of your colleagues, stakeholders and clients within and outside your organization.

>> Learn to be a consciously competent manager with effective leadership and managerial skills, including performance development and team leadership.

>> Develop interpersonal skills and awareness that will improve performance – both one’s own and the team.

>> Design a specific plan to become successful leader within an organization.