Professional Development Program

Development projects, capacity building projects, and the organizations that perform them require effective leaders and teams for the successful completion of such large scale, long-term projects. Professional technical staff like planners, designers, contractors, operators, project managers and others involved with technical and engineering projects in private practice or government departments require leadership skills to contribute towards project completion or organizational management. This program is focused in developing the leadership skills of those professionals in the business and making them capable of managing teams.

Program objective

  • Developing your leadership capability : Through experimental learning and case studies to strengthen leadership trait
  • Enhancing your communication skills: To lead and manage your team
  • Leading and Managing Capacity Building Projects

Who should attend?

The program addresses the needs for leadership skills in young professionals with less than 10 years of experience; either those persons in junior leadership positions or young professionals interested in acquiring leadership skills.Project managers, technical engineers (planning, design, construction, operations and maintenance), contractors, regulators, owners and operators who are involved with development projects and who seek to develop their leadership and management skills for their professional careers.

Why people should attend?

The program presents the principles of leadership and illustrates how such principles are applied to capacity building projects and organizations.This program is customized for the professionals so that they can learn the necessary leadership principles and apply them in their practical work life. The program also aims at imparting practical skills for leading and implementing changes.

How you learn?

The training program combines classroom theory lectures, case studies, role play, and interaction with resource persons. All sessions will have focus on participative discussions geared towards enhancing participants’ technical and practical knowledge on technical and developmental issues.The program emphasizes on face-to-face discussion between the resource persons in the theory classes and laboratory/case study sessions. Elements of experiential learning will be imparted where the participants construct knowledge, skill and value from direct experience. Case studies will be used to develop a consistent conceptual understanding of critical content through prototype situations. The participants will go and visit practical construction sites to understand more about the practical situations faced by the project leaders.

What people will take away from the course?

  • Gain knowledge on the principles of leadership
  • Sharpen their learning on effective communication
  • Gain knowledge on constructing a team work plan for the project
  • Enhance the skills and learning on change management in an Organization
  • Enhance knowledge in communication skills as a leader in project management
  • Acquire relevant knowledge on best practices for developing effective leadership skills
  • Gain knowledge on planning and working in team and building up leadership abilities among team members
  • Gain understanding on the various leadership and management issues confronting the modern leaders in civil engineering and construction companies.


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