AIT Leadership Program

In order to deliver long-term results for both you and your organization, you need to lead, not manage. Building on your experience and analysis of your personal leadership style, the AIT Leadership Program will help you develop your leadership potential. With enhanced insights and judgment, you will confidently make the shift from managing to leading.

Through case studies, team-building exercises, a 360-degree assessment and post-program coaching, you will journey from a deeper self-awareness of your own strengths and weaknesses as a leader through to the skills you need to drive performance, orchestrate change and develop a leadership culture within your organization.

The impetus for the new programs is the increasing need for qualified personnel to lead teams and create solutions in development and capacity building projects. AIT excels in delivering degree and professional development pro-grams that provide technical knowledge and skills; however, the business of planning, designing, and implementing projects has changed dramatically as the availability of tools and references have allowed projects to be completed in much shorter times than in previous generations. Leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation skills are required by professionals to ad-dress the changing processes in which projects are completed, and AIT’s two new programs will address these identified needs in human resources.

The Leadership program will present the structure, roles, responsibilities, practice, and application of leadership traits, skills and knowledge to the students.

The Entrepreneurship and Innovation program will introduce relevant business and innovation skills and their application to meet these needs of the technical and engineering economic sectors.