As a student of this program, you will work through a rigorous curriculum built on a foundation of three interdependent pillars that are strengthened throughout the program.

The students learn leadership concepts, team-building skills, Crucial Conversation techniques, and more from highly motivated, experienced professors and practitioners.

AIT’s Engineering Leadership Program delivers both degree and professional development programs with an emphasis on participants acquiring practical 49 skills:

  1. Degree Program.
    • This is an approximately one year Professional Masters of Engineering (“PME”) program intended for those individuals identified by their organizations as being the next generation of responsible persons.
    • The minimum requirements for application are: English proficiency; three years of engineering experience; and a recommendation by their employer.
  2. Professional Development
    • Professional development courses are offered as needed for both: individual organizations upon request, or at regular intervals as a service to the capacity building community.
    • The professional development courses address the Objectives listed in section 2, and are intense courses designed for working professionals.